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01 / Sport Coverage

Aggregation of sports data and statistics in an innovative, engaging the members across a wide range of sports.

02 / Communities

To build social sports communities and to monetize their own data by sharing photos and videos taken at sporting events.

04 / Sports Assets

The commercial value of sports IP assets has been recognized by the society, but limited its to own owners or agents, enable to built sufficient resources for the secondary market

05 / Sport Fantasy

Transparent sport fantasy rules, information concerning outcomes and service of large scale fantasy establishments that hold licenses which are friendly to sporting activities

07 / Sport Analytics

The era of disruption in the world of sports relates to how data is analyzed by machine learning algorithms to generate accurate predictions about future outcomes

08 / Sport IOT

Will be able to store their records on the platform in a tamper-resistant manner and to share these with their peer members both on and off the platform

03 / Fan Engagement

Fans to interact with their clubs during live events and to receive rewards for their contributions on the platform, ie. tickets and merchandise.

06 / E-Sports

Pricing and value of users’  acquisition process, mainstream of CPT, CPA access to acquire users and realization in the traffic with a risk of deduction, which makes it east promote the cooperation

09 / Sport OTT

An economical platform for sports bodies to stream their games online, local sports talent to show their skills, make them more marketable, and helps them get discovered by a network of scouts/coaches as well as connect the fans to their local heroes.


India's Sports Ledger


Qualified team for success are the decades of combined experiences within the field of academia, financial markets, blockchain integration and digital based assets, design and marketing, public relations and legal affairs, application and technological development and most importantly in depth understandings as recognized figures within the public and private sporting industries.


Vamsi Krishna Kondreddi


To create a decentralized, globalized sports blockchain platform which is deeply rooted in the sports industry ecosystem, enabling free flow of sharing and transmission of values by all users and participants in the industry, and a variety of blockchain based applications in the sports industry 

Rick Klink.jpg

Rick Klink


In sports, AI, ML, and Distributed Ledger Technologies hold the technological potential to unlock the prime requisite for distributed information and data within a transparently aggregated format and structure. These structures can be used to implement immutable athlete records, seamless commercial and professional transactions.


Sidhhant Agarwal

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